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Name:Sabaku no Temari
Birthdate:Aug 1

APPEARANCE Temari is about 5'3" and weighs about 110 pounds. She has unruly blonde hair that she keeps tied back in four ties at the back of her head. She has aquamarine eyes, similar to her brother Gaara. Her features are sharp, and her body is wiry from considerable training. She wears a short, black dress with white armor over top, black sandals, and black, fingerless gloves. She has a hitai-ate with the symbol for Suna that she wears tied across her forehead. Her giant fan is with her always, usually strapped to her back for easy access. When it's open, it's white with three purple dots across it.
PERSONALITY Temari is a tactician and diplomat, first and foremost. She is hard working and dedicated to her position in her village and to her brothers. In particular, she watches out for her youngest brother Gaara, who is the Kazekage (leader of the Hidden Village she lives in). Her attack style and sense of humor are both vicious and sharp. She has no issue with laughing at others, or even herself. Years of living with a child that was called a monster has made her pretty much unflappable. Gruesome scenes that would make a seasoned warrior wince only make her wonder how she will get that off the walls. While her temper is relatively level, she enjoys a good fight. A worth opponent will bring a smile to her face every time.

Past her duties, she cares deeply for her brothers, which are her team and only family. She does not make much time for friends, but a few have managed to wiggle their way into her life. Her cold and sometimes violent childhood has left its mark, but it's not something that she will share. She prefers to leave the past in the past so that she can focus on her duties.
HISTORY Temari is the oldest of the three siblings, daughter to the Kazekage. Her mother died giving birth to her youngest brother when she was three. Both she and the middle brother, Kankuro, were terrified of the youngest, Gaara, who was the vessel of a demon. Gaara was unstable, living only for himself and killing without a second thought. Temper tantrums in their household often ended in blood and crushing sand.

Temari was 12 when she graduated from the ninja academy, and 15 when she went to the Chunin exams with her siblings. Fandom suspects that she was held back from graduating to chunin to keep her with Gaara. Her village's participation at the exams was a front. During the exam, her village launched an invasion attempt on the hosting village, Konohagakure. Her brother Gaara was supposed to be the secret weapon. The invasion failed and her brother was defeated. It was revealed that the Kazekage, her father, had been killed and replaced with an imposter. The two villages worked out a new treaty. Her brother started to gain control over the monster he carried and became the Kazekage two years later. Temari helped to keep the peace between the two villages by acting as a liaison and graduated to jounin rank.

When Akatsuki attacked her village and took Gaara, she was in Konoha on a mission. She returned with some of her allies to rescue her brothers. She was ordered to stay out of most of her brother's rescue, but was there when he was resurrected by Chiyo after having the one-tailed beast removed. Since that time, she has been staying close to him in Suna, supporting Gaara as he adjusts to the loss of Shukaku and continues on as Kazekage. When Gaara went to the meeting of the five Kages, Temari and Kankuro were his two allowed bodyguards. She appears to be wearing an ANBU uniform, which follows the pattern of the other Kages bringing ANBU along to act as their body guards.

POWERS/ABILITIES A jounin (elite) rank ninja, Temari uses her fan and chakra to attack from a distance with wind based attacks. She can also summon Kamatari, a weasel, to help her in her attacks. Her strength is long range attacks, but she will also use her fan to deliver blows when fighting at close quarters. It also appears that she is a member of ANBU, the black ops squad that works for the Kazekage. This implies that she has experience with interrogation and assassination.

OOC Information:
Name: Catie
Age: Over 9000! *cough29cough*
AIM: Catie79

Overall Info
Rating: G - NC17.
Death: Discuss beforehand please
Smut: Only if it comes with a plot. Temari doesn't do flings.
Yaoi - Het - Yuri: Sure - Yes please!

IC Information:
NAME Sabaku no Temari
AGE 19
GENDER female
TIMELINE post time skip, just after the meeting of the five Kages

Shikamaru - best friend, sanity check, punching bag, boyfriend, they are basically one person at this point and will joke about being married to each other
Mindy - former trainee and now adopted little sister, she's trying hard to keep Mindy sane
Kenzi - her one friend that is just a friend and nothing more complicated, they get into shenanigans together and make Shikamaru drink
Natasha - fellow assassin and Mindy's new trainer, they get along well, kindred spirits
Bucky - he's a decent guy but they butt heads over Mindy, works on his security team informally
Sora - resident hero, sometimes she wishes she was like him, keeps him around because he is so much her opposite

Sasha - invaded her mind once without permission, but she can't hate anyone that lets her sleep again
Sebastian - serious pain in the ass, has a standing contract with him that will be painful when it is fulfilled

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